• Because of his extensive experience as interim manager, shiatsu therapist and coach, Jan ables in no time to identify the problem. He works - sometimes literally in the shiatsu massage - close to the skin and does everything in his power to let you go home with a lighter feeling. Apart from that he masters the art of motivating people to take one step beyond their own expectation. He is a true master.

    marketing manager
  • Jan has guided me during a difficult period when I was manager. I have taken his contribution and advice very much to heart and I still use this in my daily work. I have gained insight into my acting and learned not to take monkeys on my shoulders but to put people to work.

    R. Vermeulen
  • Jan heeft mij als beginnend manager geleerd dicht bij mezelf te blijven. Vanaf onze eerste ontmoeting gaf hij me vertrouwen waardoor ik durfde te groeien. Professioneel, ervaren en persoonlijk. Jan is voor mij een echte coach geweest. Sommige mensen blijven je altijd bij, daar is Jan er voor mij een van.

    Laura van der Voorden
    manager IC
    Bouman Verslavingszorg
  • I have come to know Jan as someone who is involved both in work and clients. He is open to your emotions, non-judgemental in attitude, and he is open to face your emotions, and helps to balance body and mind. Jan however does not hesitate to point you in the wrong habits. I have benefited greatly from his therapy.

    Jany van Dijk
  • The reason for my coaching path with Jan was suddenly being laid off. Because of this I was really asking myself: ‘How to continue with my professional life’; especially since the entire sector in which I worked, layoffs are the order of the day.

    This coaching path has brought me closer to myself. I got an insight into what motivates me, how I make decisions on that basis and what I want and need to change in order to grow.

    In a structured way, Jan encourages you to think about yourself, your own power to recover or rediscover. He encourages you to develop an understanding and confidence through practical and concrete tasks. Furthermore, you remain responsible for your coaching, you have ownership of your own process.

    Marita Bouwer