Jan van der Worp


A full resume is available on Linkedin or is available upon request.


Interim manager and coach for:

  • FNV Bondgenoten – a Workers Union
  • COA (Central Agency for the Shelter of Asylum Seekers)
  • Bouman GGZ (facing addiction problems)
  • SolutionS (facing addiction problems)
  • De Waerden (helping handicapped people)
  • ROC ASA (vocational technical education)
  • ROC Central Netherlands (vocation technical education)
  • HU (Faculties of Law and Society, Health, Science and Technology)
  • IOM (International Organization for Migration)
  • HSCS (Hair Styling Center Suriname)

In a permanent position:

  • Director NVVE (Dutch Association for the Voluntary End of Life)
  • Cluster Manager STD / AIDS / TB, Municipal health service GGD
  • AIDS Coordinator GGD Central and South Kennemerland and GGD.

Relevant education / training:

  • Authentic leadership, TGIM
  • Register training Body Focused Coach, ATMA Instituut (post HBO) https://www.atma.nl/